Frequently Asked Questions

How do I look after my QUBE decking?

It’s effortless – for regular maintenance, we suggest a light sweep with a standard outdoor brush and a periodic wash with water and a light detergent solution. As QUBE is a composite deck board, it’s easy to maintain, durable and won’t need staining or oiling like timber decks.

For those occasional stubborn stains such as bird muck, fruit and berries, we recommend a general, detergent and hot water solution with a stiff brush to take your QUBE board back to its original beauty. 

We do not recommend power washing, as prolonged high-pressure hot water could potentially affect the board and to be quite frank, QUBE just not need that type of treatment.

Finally, give the deck a good rinse down with a clean mop, relax with friends and family and let QUBE do all the hard work for you. 

How do I order QUBE?

Now you have your sample box in hand, decide on which beautiful product you would like to step out onto your outdoor space.

Call us on 0161 660 4041 and we will help you to find your local QUBE distributor. 

Ask your local friendly installer to order your QUBE product from their local builders merchant. 

Now you have your beautiful QUBE outdoor space, simply relax and enjoy your outdoor space.